Programs & Services

ReVision is currently a start-up. The following are the programs we plan to implement in the near future (with the exception of StarLight which began in November 2014):

  • InterMission is our foundational program that provides direct client support at the most basic level. Our staff interviews clients for the first time to learn about the family’s needs. We build an action plan based on available resources, whether from ourselves or from other community organizations, that will address needs in order of severity to mitigate short and longterm damage to the family structure. Direct support from our organization includes transportation assistance (bus passes and gas vouchers), educational assistance (GED and training support, school supply assistance), housing assistance (housing search, emergency help with utilities and rent), mentoring, spiritual encouragement, and basic case management (ID assistance, advocacy {court, housing, child custody, etc.}, food, clothing, etc.).
  • ReAdjust informs Judges, Criminal Attorneys, and Public Defenders of our programs and advocates for the families of the incarcerated. Staff, volunteers, and interns network with these officials to provide brochures, contact information and other materials for their offices that can be shared with the families they meet in day-to-day duties. Most of these professionals are aware of the problems that face these families but do not know where to turn for resources in a crisis situation. ReAdjust provides a solution.
  • ReFocus is all about community advocacy. The initial thrust of the program will be to contact and provide information on ReVision to pastors, leaders of community groups, and school counselors at the elementary, middle and high school levels. Educational presentations for churches, community groups, and students at school assemblies will be developed to communicate the challenges faced by families and children of the incarcerated and create a more supportive, informed community.
  • ReUnite is a program that connects with current offenders in order to begin rebuilding family relationships before release. We use information gathered during meetings with these inmates to contact their families and provide services (see Intermission above). Our program is designed to facilitate dialogue, reestablish family roles and build existing relationships. To facilitate this process we will form peer-support groups where our curriculum will be taught to children in these households. We also provide visitation activities for families who travel to see an incarcerated parent. 
  • StarLight - We connect with families of the incarcerated during the Holiday season. We gather basic information during the application and interview process (either in person or through contact with the caregiver inside a correctional facility). This information helps us work with the family after the holidays to evaluate their need of our services. Individuals, businesses, churches, and schools partner with us to provide gifts for the family so the caregiver can wrap and give to the children.