Big Shoes to Fill...


After a morning meeting, sharing the ministry of ReVision, I hurried back to the office to meet with Naomi. Along the way, my focus was interrupted by the largest high-heeled shoe I have ever seen. Sitting in the mall parking lot, made of woven grapevine branches, the shoe stood at least six-feet tall. You know how I absolutely love diversion — and I was not in a hurry to get back to the paperwork that we’ve been working on for the last year. I said to myself, hoping I would listen, “Stay focused, Shirley, don’t stop, just keep driving. You saw it, so let it go don’t turn into the parking lot.” Passing by the entrance to the mall, I realized that “self control’ had kicked in as I kept going along my original route. However, when the next entrance to the mall came up, I discovered that my little car really did want to see that shoe up close. Without a second thought, we turned into the mall and headed toward the gigantic high-heeled shoe. We parked by the shoe and I stepped out to take a picture — the moment had to be memorialized, or none of my friends and family would ever believe it. Two men standing by began laughing, and asked if I needed help with the picture. I placed my foot up in the shoe, and they captured the moment. I left the parking lot laughing, thinking about how extravagant the five-minute detour had been. Now back to work!

Are We Trying on the Wrong Size?

That night I realized that the “high-heeled shoe” situation happened after we shared the full scope of ReVision’s operations. The breadth of vision is often met with expressions of doubt, disapproval, and amazement. When that happens, we have a choice of whether we will believe those expressions or persevere. As we push forward toward the plan that God has placed before us, sometimes He places reminders in our path to encourage us. The high-heeled shoe was His encouragement of the day — and what a gigantic one!

In our relationship with God, we all eventually come to a place where God asks us to step into a larger role. The situation seems way too big for us, intimidating, and impossible… but God has positioned us there. It’s like stepping onto a stage to speak. As a courtesy, we should always have a person there to steady the steps as speaker makes their way to the podium. It would also be extremely helpful to have someone who is there as we step into our gigantic “high-heeled shoe.”

It's Time to Step Up

How can ReVision steady the steps of the people we serve? We have to be there for the children of incarcerated parents, and caregivers who have been left behind, as they step into the unknown. Is that helping hand in their time of need too extreme of an idea? Is that vision too extravagant? How can we encourage them to continue on the path God has set before them? Could just knowing we are there behind them be a source of peace as they step forward?

On a personal note, as we reach up to hold the Hand of the One that has begun a good work, it is good to know that He is watching us with a steady gaze. And when we see the challenge of the enemy, the thought “he’s under my feet” makes me smile. I smile, and I step forward in those gigantic high heel shoes.